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  • Intercultural America

    Intercultural America

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    Hornung, Alfred. This volume focuses on the intercultural constitution of the American continent, especially the interactions of indigenous native with European, African and Asian cultures in North America, from Puritanism to the 21st century. In an interdisciplinary dialogue of European and American critics, the contributions discuss immediate and long-range effects of intercultural encounters between settlers and ethnic groups, between immigrants and the Anglo-American mainstream society of the United States in literary, linguistic, architectural and visual expressions. The role of the media in the process of intercultural mediation as a specific feature of American culture is the topic of analyses of Ralph W. Emerson, American folk art, Irish drama, musicals, Bollywood films, and TV shows. 'Intercultural America' documents the need for a transnational form of American Studies.

  • Sexualities in American Culture

    Sexualities in American Culture

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    Hornung, Alfred. In connection with recent postmodernist and poststructuralist analyses of gender constructions, sexuality has come to the forefront of discussions dealing with identity conceptions and definitions of culture as such. This volume sets out to explore the centrality of sexuality to cultural concerns. At the same time, this centrality also involves the necessity of a linkage of sexuality to other aspects of identity, e.g. race, class, and gender. Many of the essays investigate the sexualizing and/or gendering of ethnicity, an interrelation in which fascination and stigmatization are often intertwined. Not surprisingly, the latter liability of marginalized sexualities to stigmatization also figures in the exploration of the conflict between homosexual71fity and Western "love codes". An intriguing aspect of the volume is thus the fact that although the essays investigate a vast array of often dissimilar concerns, they open up an interdisciplinary dialogue wh...