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  • Einwanderung und Politik

    Einwanderung und Politik

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    Harzig, Christiane. For some years now, global migration has dominated political debate in Europe and Northern America. In the 1970s, while Germany pursued a head-in-the sand policy with regard to migration and ethnic diversity, the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada drew the consequences of migration. They permitted people from other cultures to participate in shaping the future of their countries. This gave rise to changes that encompassed all parties concerned. By challenging the notion of a homogenous national "dominant culture", it was possible to make use of migration as an innovative resource for societal development. The author discusses the prerequisites for these political modernisation processes.

  • Migration und Erinnerung

    Migration und Erinnerung

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    Harzig, Christiane. This volume takes up the topical issue of the history of remembering. The authors investigate the interplay between experiences, reflections and transcultural life worlds on the one hand and methodical and theoretical reflection on the other, thereby taking into account the migrant perspective as well as that of the historians whose texts they study. The authors are concerned with historical empiricism and narratives, the consideration of their own biographies and the biographical portrayals of historical subjects. Presented at the Conference on "Transculturalism and Memory - Understanding Transitions through Life Writings" on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Dirk Hoerder, the contributions are published here in revised form and in German.