Patterson, James

James Patterson, geboren in New York, arbeitete in einer Werbeagentur, bevor er anfing, Kriminalromane zu schreiben. Bis heute hat er fast 100 Bücher verfasst und zählt zu den erfolgreichsten Autoren aller Zeiten. Seine Bücher haben sich weltweit über 280 Millionen Mal verkauft und wurden in 40 Sprachen übersetzt. Er lebt in Florida.

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  • Private Games

    Private Games

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    Patterson, James. July 2012: The Olympic Games have arrived in London. Preparations have gone flawlessly and the stage is set for one of the greatest showcases of sporting excellence. But one man has a devastating plan. Having waited years for this chance, he is now ready for vengeance. The Games are under attack, thousands of lives are at stake, and Peter Knight, head of the world's most exclusive detective agency, is the only man for the job. The latest thriller in the bestselling Private series will have you on the edge of your seat!

  • The Store Patterson, J: Store

    The Store Patterson, J: Store

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    Patterson, James. The Store doesn't just want your money - it wants your soul.Imagine a future of unparalleled convenience. A powerful retailer, The Store, can deliver anything to your door, anticipating the needs and desires you didn't even know you had.Most people are fine with that, but not Jacob and Megan Brandeis. New York writers whose livelihood is on the brink of extinction, Jacob and Megan are going undercover to dig up The Store's secrets in a book that could change the entire American way of life. But after a series of unsettling discoveries, Jacob and Megan's worst fears about The Store seem like just the beginning.Harbouring a secret that could get him killed, Jacob has to find a way to escape The Store's watchful eye and publish his expose - before the truth dies with him.

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  • Alert


    Ab: 8,50 €
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    Patterson, James. Every New Yorker's worst nightmare is about to become a reality.New York has seen more than its fair share of horrific attacks, but the city is about to be shaken in a way it never has before. After two devastating catastrophes in quick succession, everyone is on edge. Detective Michael Bennett is assigned to the case and given the near impossible task of hunting down the shadowy terror group responsible.With troubles at home to contend with, Bennett has never been more at risk, or more alone, fighting the chaos all around him.Then a shocking assassination makes it clear that these inexplicable events are just the prelude to the biggest threat of all. Now Bennett is racing against the clock to save his beloved city - before the most destructive force he has ever faced tears it apart.

  • Middle School 05: Ultimate Showdown Patterson, J: Middle School 5: Ultimate Showdown

    Middle School 05: Ultimate Showdown Patterson, J: Middle School 5: Ultimate Showdown

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    Patterson, James. The Khatchadorian kids are an opinionated duo, and they don't exactly see eye to eye. Sometimes the only thing more fun than their ranting is getting to join in! Readers get a chance to participate in the wildly successful Middle School series in this interactive book featuring more than 80 hilarious anecdotes and dozens of fun-filled activities, including writing and drawing prompts.

  • Never Never

    Never Never

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    Inkl. 7% USt., versandkostenfrei (Versandgewicht 210 g)

    Patterson, James Fox, Candice. Detective Harriet Blue needs to get out of town, fast. With her brother under arrest for a series of brutal murders in Sydney, Harry's chief wants the hot-headed detective kept far from the press. So he assigns her a deadly new case - in the middle of the outback. Deep in the Western Australian desert, three young people have disappeared from the Bandya Mine. And it's Harry's job to track them down. But still reeling from events back home, and with a secretive new partner at her side, Harry's not sure who she can trust anymore. And, in this unforgiving land, she has no idea how close she is to a whole new kind of danger...