Steel, Danielle

Danielle Steel ist eine der erfolgreichsten Autorinnen der Welt - mit rund 600 Millionen verkauften Büchern, die in knapp 50 Ländern erschienen sind. Nahezu jeder ihrer 78 Romane schaffte es auf die New-York-Times-Bestsellerliste. Neben dem Schreiben widmet sich die Mutter von neun Kindern intensiv ihrer Familie und engagiert sich für verschiedene soziale Stiftungen. Danielle Steel lebt heute in San Francisco und verbringt mehrere Monate des Jahres in Frankreich. Wenn Sie mehr über die Autorin wissen möchten, dann besuchen Sie sie auf ihrer Website unter

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  • Power Play

    Power Play

    Ab: 8,00 €
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    Steel, Danielle. In NorCal, 2 successful CEOs are both indispensable to their growing companies' futures. Both are brilliant at the power game. But the difference between them is huge. One is a man, the other a woman. Danielle Steel explores what that means as she takes readers into the rarefied world of those at the pinnacle of international business and reveals the irrevocable choices they make, what drives them, and how others perceive them. The heady drug of power impacts everything they do.

  • Rushing Waters

    Rushing Waters

    Ab: 17,00 €
    Inkl. 7% USt., versandkostenfrei (Versandgewicht 442 g)

    Steel, Danielle. As Hurricane Ophelia bears down on New York City, millions are caught up in the horrific flooding it unleashes. Successful interior designer Ellen Wharton flies into New York from London, heedless of the hurricane warnings. She is intent on seeing her mother, Grace. But when the storm hits, the women are forced to wade through freezing waters to the police boats outside. British investment banker Charles Williams is travelling on business but is also eager to see his young daughters, who live with his beautiful, estranged ex-wife. As the hurricane rages, he desperately checks the shelters where thousands have taken refuge to find them, and runs into Ellen and her mother. Meanwhile Juliette Dubois, a dedicated ER doctor, fights to save lives when the generators at the hospital fail. The day of chaos takes its toll as New Yorkers struggle to face a natural disaster of epic proportions. But as lives are shattered, heroes are revealed - and then the real c...

  • The Apartment Steel, D: Apartment

    The Apartment Steel, D: Apartment

    Ab: 8,50 €
    Inkl. 7% USt., versandkostenfrei (Versandgewicht 218 g)

    Steel, Danielle. They come together by chance in the heart of New York City, four young women at turning points in their lives. Claire finds the spacious loft apartment. But the aspiring shoe designer needs at least one roommate to manage the rent. She meets Abby, a writer trying to make it on her own, far from her successful family in L.A. Then Morgan joins them. She's ambitious, with a serious finance job on Wall Street. Finally Sasha, a medical student. And so the sprawling space, with its exposed brick and rich natural light, becomes a home to friends about to embark on new exhilarating adventures. Their shared life in the apartment turns them into a family of beloved friends. But as unexpected opportunities and challenges alter the course of each of their lives, they face the bittersweet reality that in time, they will inevitably move away from the place where their dreams began...Danielle Steel is famous for her inspirational stories about family, love and life. ...

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  • The Sins of the Mother Steel, D: Sins of the Mother

    The Sins of the Mother Steel, D: Sins of the Mother

    Ab: 8,00 €
    Inkl. 7% USt., versandkostenfrei (Versandgewicht 248 g)

    Steel, Danielle. Everything Olivia Grayson touches in the business world turns to gold. But, at sixty-nine, Olivia wishes she'd invested as much in her children as she has in her business. Will she get the chance to put things right, and discover that her family is in fact her greatest achievement? Exploring the importance of the ties that bind us, this poignant novel is Danielle Steel at her irresistible best.

  • Winners


    Ab: 10,00 €
    Inkl. 7% USt., versandkostenfrei (Versandgewicht 230 g)

    Steel, Danielle. In the picturesque mountains of Squaw Valley, Colorado, a girl's dreams are about to be shattered. At just seventeen, Lily Thomas is already a ski champion training for the Olympics, her heart set on winning the gold. But in one moment, Lily's future is changed forever - her hopes for Olympic triumph swept away in a tragic accident. Her father, Bill, refuses to accept Lily's fate, while her neurosurgeon, Dr Jessie Matthews, is adamant that all hope is not lost. But when Jessie endures a tragedy of her own, her spirit is truly tested. Then Bill decides to build a rehab facility for his daughter and transforms countless other lives too. But will courage and kindness be enough to make winners of them all? An inspirational story of courage and triumph from one of the world's greatest storytellers. A perfect read for fans of Susan Lewis, Jodi Picoult and Penny Vincenzi.

  • Magic


    Ab: 8,50 €
    Inkl. 7% USt., versandkostenfrei (Versandgewicht 211 g)

    Steel, Danielle. It starts on a summer evening, with the kind of magic found only in Paris. Once a year in the City of Light, a lavish dinner takes place outside a spectacular landmark. Selected by secret invitation, the guests arrive dressed in white, and when the night is over, hundreds of white paper lanterns bearing everyone's fervent wishes are released into the sky. Amid this wondrous White Dinner, a group of close friends stand at the cusp of change. Jean-Philippe and Valerie are high-flying, successful and devoted to their young family. But a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in China may lead to separation - and temptation. Bernadetta and Gregorio run an Italian clothing empire in Milan, but Gregorio has a weakness that will ignite a crisis in their company, and their marriage. Screenwriter Chantal and Indian tech entrepreneur Dharam arrive as friends, but their paths will be set on dramatically different courses before the night ends. A transformative year of su...